Voevodsky’s fascinating interview

In this interview, Voevodsky talks about his past work, his present work and some reasons that he changed his research direction since 2009 or so. It seems that having nobody to talk to is not always a good thing, even in the mathematical research(there were only ten people or so working in the same area as Voevodsky in his time, feeling ‘lonely’, frustrated of explaining things to other non-experts).

episodic thoughts

The october issue of Gazette des Mathématiciens  has a transcript in french of a really fascinating interview of Vladimir Voevodsky, as part of a dossier on Théorie des types et mathématiques certifiées.

The hour long video of that interview, in english and conducted by Gaël Octavia from Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (see also a blog set up for the ICM for context) is the following on Vimeo (and a must-see) :

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